non-fiction, essays, short pieces

    Instant Anglophilia  [slice magazine, issue 14, 2014]

    24 HeartattaCks in 24 Hours: At the Zine Archive and Publishing Project in Seattle  [vol. 1 brooklyn, 2013]

    Making the Most of It  [, encounters in publishing series, 2013]

    Dear Absolutionist  [slice magazine, issue 7, 2010/2011]

    A Cryptozoology Miscellany  [slice magazine, issue 5, 2009/2010]

    Things Learned After How to Ride a Bike  [take the handle, 2009]

    The Great Paris to Seattle Trading Company  [slice magazine, issue 3, 2008/2009]

    At a Loss for Words  [slice magazine, issue 2, 2008]