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"[A] thoroughly researched and entertainingly written guide to the more than 200 subgenres of rock music...brings an informative voice that will enlighten all fans of rock music in its many permutations..."

Publishers Weekly

“Recommended to all interested in the history of rock music, those looking for new music recommendations, and anyone who wants to improve their rock and roll vocabulary.”

Library Journal

“Works as casual reading, a handy reference tool, inspiration for listeners stuck in a musical rut, and a welcome addition to library music collections.”


A thorough interview about the book with Analogue Music

Part reference guide, part history book, and part road map to the connectivity of music, Appetite for Definition brings together more than two hundred genres of rock music into an entertaining and enlightening family tree. The days of being able to walk into Tower Records and seek out recommendations from an aloof but knowledgeable staffer feel like a distant memory. From iTunes to Spotify, listeners now rely on algorithms instead of human advice to develop relationships with the music they love. The essential companion for any rock lover’s collection, Appetite for Definition organizes these algorithms, giving them a human story and pulling up recommendations from a deeper well of consideration and knowledge. 

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