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    Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy Turns 20  [stereogum]

    The Swiss Army Romance: How Dashboard Confessional sparked an emo uprising  [louder]

    Air - The Virgin Suicides Turns 20  [stereogum]

    The Cure - Bloodflowers Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Botch: how one band redefined US hardcore and invented evil math rock [metal hammer]

    Suede – Reflecting on the 25th Anniversary of “Dog Man Star”  [under the radar]

    Emo at the Crossroads: “Very Emergency” and “Something to Write Home About” at 20  [under the radar]

    Death in Vegas - The Contino Sessions Turns 20  [stereogum]

    It’s Been 20 Years Since Robbie Williams Failed To Take America  [stereogum]

    The Chemical Brothers - Surrender Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Super Furry Animals - Guerrilla Turns 20  [stereogum]

    The Black Heart Procession's 2 at 20  [analogue]

    Travis - The Man Who Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Basement Jaxx - Remedy Turns 20  [stereogum]

    The Stone Roses - Reflecting on the 30th Anniversary of Their Self-Titled Debut Album  [under the radar]

    Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire: Juno's This is the Way it Goes and Goes and Goes Has Been Going for 20 Years  [kexp]

    The Anniversary: Come On Die Young Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Jimmy Eat World – Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of Clarity  [under the radar]

    Post-Mortem: The Legacy of Bark Psychosis' Hex at 25  [stereogum]

    The Best Shoegaze and Dream Pop of 2018  [popmatters]

    The 60 Best Songs of 2018 (contributed #57, #46, #35)  [popmatters]

    The 70 Best Albums of 2018 (contributed #52, #20, #3)  [popmatters]

    The Greatest Show You Never Saw: Curiosa Festival 2004  [analogue]

    The Anniversary: The Masterplan Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Yesterday's Jukebox: The Durutti Column's Without Mercy  [popmatters]

    How It Felt to Be Something On: Thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Sunny Day Real Estate's Third LP  [kexp]

    The Anniversary: This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours Turns 20  [stereogum]

    Life Stories in Vinyl: Eric Spitznagel's Old Records Never Die, Tim Burgess' Tim Book Two  [analogue]

    The Best Shoegaze and Dream Pop of 2017  [popmatters]

    The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of 2017 (contributed #19, #18)  [popmatters]

    The 25 Best New Musical Artists of 2017 (contributed Melkbelly, RBCF)  [popmatters]

    The 60 Best Albums of 2017 (contributed #58)  [popmatters]

    Northside Festival 2017 Preview Guide  [popmatters]

    The 10 Best Shoegaze and Dream Pop Albums of 2016  [popmatters]

    The 70 Best Albums of 2016 (contributed #70, #67, #62)  [popmatters]

    The 25 Best Album Re-Issues of 2016 (contributed #10)  [popmatters]

    The Best Songs of 2016 (contributed #77, #45)  [popmatters]

    Christopher Tignor  [redefine]

    Northside Festival 2016 Re-cap  [redefine]

    Northside Festival 2016 Preview Guide  [redefine]

    Nonkeen  [redefine]

    Anarchy That Works: This Heat's Back Catalog Reassessed  [the line of best fit]

    Top Five Albums of the Year (With Five Runners-Up)  [redefine]

    The Best Albums of 2015 (contributed #73)  [popmatters]

    The Best Songs of 2015 (contributed #82, #35)  [popmatters]

    The Best Reissues of 2015 (contributed #11)  [popmatters]

    The Best Musical Hopes to Break Out in 2016 (Vinyl Williams)  [popmatters]

    The Best New/Emerging Artists of 2015 (Grounders)  [popmatters]

    The Most Serene Republic  [stereo subversion]

    Maserati  [stereo subversion]

    CMJ 2015 - Festival Review and Re-cap  [redefine]

    Holy Sons  [popmatters]

    CMJ 2015 - Festival Preview Guide  [redefine]

    Tearjerker  [stereo subversion]

    Vinyl Williams  [redefine]

    Grounders  [stereo subversion]

    This Perfect Band: An Oral History of The Dagoes  [popmatters]

    A Crooked and Unseen Highway: Lowercase's Kill the Lights  [popmatters]

    (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7)

    Northside Festival 2015 Recap  [redefine]

    Northside Festival 2015 Preview Guide  [redefine]

    Jacco Gardner  [stereo subversion]

    Paul de Jong  [stereo subversion]

    Lilacs & Champagne  [redefine]

    Preoccupations (were called Viet Cong at the time)  [stereo subversion]

    Hungry Cloud Darkening  [stereo subversion]

    Horse Lords  [wondering sound]

    The Landscape of Emo in 2014  [stereo subversion]

    The Best Emo Albums of 2014  [popmatters]

    Staff Lists: Favorite Albums of 2014  [stereo subversion]

    Top Albums of the Year: Staff Picks (contributed short list)  [redefine]

    The Best Album Reissues of 2014 (contributed #10)  [popmatters]

    The Best Albums of 2014 (contributed #42 and #51)  [popmatters]

    The 75 Best Songs of 2014 (contributed #21 and #54)  [popmatters]

    CMJ Music Marathon 2014 preview coverage  [redefine]

    PUJOL  [stereo subversion]

    Modern Sky Festival 2014 in NYC  [redefine]

    The Rural Alberta Advantage  [stereo subversion]

    Jack + Eliza  [stereo subversion]

    A Sunny Day in Glasgow  [stereo subversion]

    Brian Reitzell  [redefine]

    Inventions  [redefine]

    Chad VanGaalen  [redefine]

    Watter  [stereo subversion]

    Francis Harris  [redefine]

    Hauschka (2)  [stereo subversion]

    Hauschka (1)  [redefine]

    Glasser  [redefine]

    Lumerians  [redefine]

    Justin Trosper of Survival Knife, Unwound  [stereo subversion]

    Matt Mondanile of Ducktails, Real Estate  [stereo subversion] 

    Widowspeak  [stereo subversion]

    Eluvium  [line]

    Autre Ne Veut (2)  [nylon, summer 2013 music issue]

    Autre Ne Veut (1)  [line]

    Lotus Plaza  [line]

    Blouse  [line]

    Soley  [line]

    Baths  [line]

    Memoryhouse  [line]

    Acrylics  [line]

    Women  [line]